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We have been coming to Champion Martial Arts for almost 2 years now and we love it. Master Sherbaugh is great with kids. Great pace for the whole family.

Maria M. | Mom

Master Sherbaugh is very fun with the kids and me. I’ve been doing it for almost a year now. This is a very good karate dojung. 10/10 RECOMMEND TO COME HERE. This is probably the best karate you can get! Totally recommend

Red S. | Dad

It is amazing how he reaches each student on their own level and teaches them to develop physically AND mentally!! Our girls have learned so much and have become stronger in so many ways!

Valerie M. Member

Why Choose Champion Martial Arts in Latrobe?

At Champion Martial Arts, we specialize in fostering confidence, focus, and adaptability for individuals of all ages, equipping them with essential life skills to navigate various challenges.

Our comprehensive approach blends traditional 'old school' training techniques with modern advancements, ensuring holistic development for both children and adults. 

  • Inclusive Learning - Our martial arts school fosters inclusive learning by welcoming diverse backgrounds, skill levels, and abilities. In an encouraging atmosphere, everyone is valued, respected, and supported on their unique martial arts journey.
  • Community Atmosphere - Our school is more than an institution; it's a community that fosters positive values, creating an environment where personal growth is encouraged and celebrated.
  • Versatile Goals: - Whether your aim is fitness, self-improvement, or self-defense, our program is designed to meet diverse objectives.

Martial Arts Classes For Latrobe 


What makes us special is that we offer a wide variety of programs designed to keep you active, build confidence, stay focused, and get fit, as you learn to protect yourself.

Teeny Tiny Tigers

This Martial Arts class, Teeny Tiny Tigers, tailored for ages 3-4, fosters respect, discipline, critical thinking, and genuine martial arts skills while nurturing friendships and fun.

Tiny Tigers

This martial arts class, Tiny Tigers, molds 5-6-year-olds, fostering respect, discipline, and critical thinking while building real martial arts skills and friendships.

Kids Karate

This martial arts class, Kids Karate, molds 7-14-year-olds, fostering respect, discipline, and critical thinking while building real martial arts skills and friendships.

Adult Karate

This martial art class offers training in Tang Soo Do, delivering effective self-defense techniques and a rigorous workout, all while fostering immense enjoyment.

How to get started

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Download our free starter kit for current details on our programs, pricing, schedules, a tour of our campus, and special online promotions


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Come join us for an assessment class to experience first hand what we are all about. Our instructor will work with you (or your kids) to figure out which program will help you reach your goals.


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If you love what we have to offer, and think we can help you or your child achieve and grow, then let us know and we will enroll you into the program that fits you best.


Meet the Master Instructors Behind Champion Martial Arts

They are not only accomplished practitioners themselves, often holding high-level belts, but they are also knowledgeable mentors who provide valuable insights into the techniques, strategies, and philosophy of Martial Arts.

At Champion Martial Arts, we pride ourselves on the quality of our Coaches. You can expect the following from our Masters:

  • Amazing recommendations and positive reviews
  • A commitment to creating a positive Martial arts experience for all students, no matter their learning needs
  • A love and passion for teaching and helping students grow and succeed

Master Sherbaugh

Master Instructor

Why the Latrobe Community Loves

Our Martial Arts Classes

Jaime Springel recommends Champion Martial Arts

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My daughter has been training for 8 months now. Master Sherbaugh is a wonderful instructor. He spends a lot of time with each student focusing on where they thrive and where they need improvement. I highly recommend this school for self esteem building, martial arts training, and a friendly family atmosphere.

Kelli recommends Champion Martial Arts

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Master Sherbaugh's knowledge of muscle mechanics and movement is second to none. He tailors his instruction based on body type and ability, and his self-defense training is practical and highly effective. I hope I will never need to use what he taught me, but I have the knowledge and skills based on his lifelong learning of martial arts. He is kind and compassionate, and the classes are fun and enjoyable. I recommend without reservation!

Valerie Malnofsky recommends Champion Martial Arts

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This is an amazing school. I've never seen a teacher reach so many people on an individual level! Master Sherbaugh can truly teach any age and any skill level. Each student has the ability to grow and improve at their own level with his encouragement. My girls have developed so much in his classes and now compete successfully in tournaments. Once afraid to be in front of people and both at awkward stages... it's been amazing to see them transforming under his instruction!! We recently bought displays for them to display their medals in their rooms. We're definitely proud of their accomplishments... and CHAMPION MARTIAL ARTS is what made them possible!

Jennifer Jones recommends Champion Martial Arts

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My two kids and Husband take Karate at Champion Martial Arts, they love it. The Instructor is very Knowledgeable. It is great that Master Sherbaugh teaches discipline as well. He is very patient. He will make you work for your belts in karate and doesn’t just hand them out. We are very happy with his teaching methods.

Nina Wissinger recommends Champion Martial Arts

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I met Master Sherbaugh in Sept at a vendor show, uor booths were side by side My Granddaughter was with me and his team was doing demonstration. She watch them very closely, he saw that and asked her if she want to break a board. It took awhile an taking to her she finally agreed. With a few quick lessons, she broke her first board. That was a great starting point for confidence and self esteem. Since then she is a totally different person. He works one on one with students until they understand, he is teaching discipline. Keep up the great job.

Matt Smith recommends Champion Martial Arts

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I have three boys attending classes, they love it. Has helped them to learn self discipline and respect for others. Master Sherbaugh is great with all of the kids.

More Confidence. More Focus. Get Fit.

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Download our Starter Kit now for current details on our programs, pricing, schedules, a tour of our campus, and exclusive online promotions.

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